It’s beach season in New York City, and mass transit will whisk you away to any of the below options. Each of NYC’s beaches has a different vibe and unique offerings, so see what fits your mood and staycation needs to help you choose the destination for you.  


Brighton Beach, or “Little Odessa,” will deliver more than the typical day at the beach. You’ll find a ton of dining options right under the elevated tracks, with a lot of Russian and Central Asian cuisine to choose from. You’ll also be able to enjoy a nice, serene walk on the boardwalk here, but if you're looking for more action check out the beach volleyball courts.



3 minute walk

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Coney Island
Coney Island (Photo by Jerry Dohnal / Flickr)


If lounging in the sun all day and enjoying the standard beach amenity of the majestic ocean isn’t enough for you, then perhaps you will be interested in the beach at Coney Island. Beyond the basic beach stuff, you’ll also find a lively boardwalk, historic (and new) amusements, a ballpark to take in a Brooklyn Cyclones game, an old wooden rollercoaster, and all the seaside food spots you can dream of—check out a full guide here. The vibes here are both good and old timey, so grab your bloomers and get to the train. 



5 minute walk

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Rockaway Beach
Rockaway Beach (Photo by joiseyshowaa / Flickr)


Here we have what was, in the early 20th century, referred to as “New York’s Playground." In recent years there’s been a bit of a Rockaway renaissance, and that old nickname would certainly fit once again. You’ll find sand, sun, and plenty of dining options to help sate any craving. This is your best option for a beach staycation--even if you only go for a few hours, you’ll feel like you’re a world away from the city. 

Note: There's some construction going on in Rockway this summer, so Beach 92-95 and Beach 109-111 will be closed. See the full schedule of closures here.



8 minute walk

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Jacob Riis beach
Jacob Riis (Photo by Steven Pisano / Flickr)


Want a little more seclusion from the masses at Rockaway Beach? Then head to Jacob Riis, which is nearby but will require either a quick bike ride from the subway in Rockaway, or a bus transfer (on the Q22). This spot is a favorite amongst New Yorkers and is often referred to as “the People’s beach”. Here you’ll find art deco treasures along with a pitch and putt golf course and more. And if you’re up for a walk, you can head over to Fort Tilden which is next door and offers more nature, along with a beach of its own.

Orchard Beach
Orchard Beach (Photo by Shannon McGee/Flickr)


Once known as “the Riviera of the Bronx,” Orchard Beach is the only beach in the borough, and as such is a hot spot in the summer. It offers the benefit of being close to City Island as well, which will compliment your trip to the beach nicely. Head there, once you’re done taking in the rays, for some top notch seafood.  

Note: You will have to transfer from the subway to the bus, which will drop you in City Island. The beach is about a 20 minute walk from there.



Take the subway to the Bx29 bus

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For those seeking more distance from NYC, check out our guide to Fire Island and Long Island beaches.

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