Trading for Juan Soto isn’t the only big move the Yankees have made for the 2024 season. Ahead of Opening Day, the team debuted its latest additions to its food and drink roster at Yankee Stadium, featuring some of the city’s best fried chicken, a star Bronx chef’s take on meatballs and garlic bread, and an iconic New York City ice cream brand setting up shop inside the House that Ruth Built. Here’s a look at all the new items you can find in the concourses this year.

Actually, let’s start with something the Yankees unveiled in 2023 to immediate acclaim: the 99 Burger.

99 Burger closeup
The 99 Burger, in center (Yankees)

As you’d expect from something named in honor of Aaron Judge, this burger — two four-ounce Wagyu beef patties topped with American cheese, caramelized onions, dill pickles and a secret sauce on a brioche bun — is the team’s MVP when it comes to food. And after Yankees fans went bananas for the burger last year, the team announced that it would be bringing it back for a second season and selling it in Section 107. If you haven’t had it before, run to get one — or more than one, as the Yankees also announced that there will no longer be a limit on how many 99 Burgers are sold per game. It’s a perfectly made burger.

Fuku sweet + spicy chicken sando
Fuku's sweet and spicy chicken sando (Yankees)

The other big-name sandwich addition to the roster: Fuku’s sweet and spicy chicken sando. Brought on board in 2023 after a stint at Citi Field, David Chang’s hyper-popular fried chicken joint brings some more heat to Yankee Stadium after debuting last year with its O.G. spicy chicken sando (which will remain on the menu along with Fuku’s excellent chicken tenders). The sweet and spicy version adds a tangy glaze that packs plenty of pepper, all nestled within a potato roll and topped with some briny pickles that toss a layer of cool onto the fire. This one is highly recommended and can be found in Sections 109 and 213.

City Winery porchetta sandwich
City Winery's porchetta sandwich (Yankees)

Two more sandwiches round out the 2024 additions in that category. At City Winery in Section 105, you can find their porchetta sandwich, with a fatty pork roast topped with broccoli rabe, provolone, Calabrian aioli and arugula on a brioche bun.

Mighty Quinns chicken BBQ sandwich
Mighty Quinn's chipotle BBQ chicken sandwich (Yankees)

Over at Mighty Quinn’s in Section 132, meanwhile, the barbeque purveyors are bringing a chipotle BBQ chicken sandwich to their extensive list of Yankee Stadium offerings. This is chicken, hand-pulled and smoked, topped with a chipotle BBQ sauce and served with pickles and slaw.

Christian Petroni's Pepperoni Cheesy Garlic Bread
Christian Petroni's Pepperoni Cheesy Garlic Bread (Yankees)

This being Yankee Stadium, there’s no way there wasn’t going to be an Italian staple in this year’s new offerings. So Christian Petroni, Bronx native and Food Network regular, has brought meatballs to the ballpark, adding that to his already popular cheesy garlic bread available in Sections 125 and 310.

Christian Petroni garlic bread meatballs 2
Christian Petroni's meatballs and cheesy garlic bread (Yankees)

The combo of meatball, garlic bread and marinara sauce is impossible to resist or get wrong, and Petroni’s trio is excellently balanced; the meatball in particular is succulent and juicy.

Streetbird chicken wing
Streetbird's spicy chicken wings (Yankees)

Speaking of Food Network stars, famed restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson’s Streetbird extends its stay at Yankee Stadium and adds a spicy fried chicken sandwich and spicy chicken wings to his menu. The meat on the wing practically falls off the bone, with a brown sugar glaze as a terrific complement. Check it out in Section 112.

Lobels loaded tater tots
Lobel's BBQ filet tip loaded tater tots (Yankees)

Last but not least, Lobel’s has taken its famous steak and diced it up to create BBQ filet tip loaded tater tots, which is a small bucket of crispy tater tots and filet tips topped with shredded cheddar cheese and crispy onions. It’s a delicious steakhouse meal that you can grab in Section 134.

Legends sweet spot bowl
Legends Hospitality's Sweet Spot Bowl (Yankees)

And at Legends Hospitality in Section 311, you’ll find Yankee Stadium’s other new to-go red meat option: the Sweet Spot Bowl. It’s a nicely blended mix of carne asada, maduros, black beans and rice, along with pickled onions that quietly make the whole dish come together. (There’ll also be a vegetarian version sans steak.)

Mister Softee soft serve
Mister Softee soft swirl (Jon Tayler)

The biggest change at Yankee Stadium, though, might be dessert, where Mister Softee has put down stakes and is now churning out its soft serve at several points throughout the park. Sadly (or, depending on how you feel about it, thankfully), there’ll be no Mister Softee jingle playing on an endless loop, but you will be able to get the classic chocolate, vanilla, or twist at Sections 110, 125, 205, 224, 305, and 318, as well as in the Bleachers. And yes, you’ll get that soft serve in a souvenir helmet.

Meanwhile, the Yankees have upgraded their ice cream game by bringing in Blue Bunny, and Blue Bunny has answered the challenge of coming to Yankee Stadium by unveiling six different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies and cream, and cotton candy, as well as non-dairy vanilla. The cotton candy is eerily accurate without the cloying sticky grittiness of the real thing and will almost certainly be a huge seller in the summer. You’ll find it in Sections 125 and 318.

Fried zeppoli
Yankee Stadium's new fried zeppoli (Yankees)

Along with ice cream, the Yankees have added a new dessert option in the form of fried zeppoli. You can find the city’s favorite street fair fare in Section 127, topped with powdered sugar and chocolate and strawberry sauce along with cannoli sauce, served out of a souvenir helmet.

Black and white cookie milkshake
Yankee Stadium's new black and white cookie milkshake (Jon Tayler)

If you prefer to drink your dessert, there will be four new milkshakes available at Yankee Stadium’s Own in Sections 112, 125 and 324: a Baby Ruth shake, a Butterfinger shake, a rainbow vanilla shake, and — because this is New York — a black and white cookie shake (which comes with a tiny black and white cookie, natch), all served in souvenir cups.

Yankee Stadium drinks
Yankee Stadium's new cocktails and signature beer (Jon Tayler)

Finally, the team has refreshed its drink menu, debuting a new signature Yankee Stadium beer: Goose Island’s New York Legendary Ale. It’s a golden ale that’s fresh and clean and brewed locally in Baldwinville, and will be available on draft and in 25-ounce cans in Section 105 and at the Kona Bleachers Bar. Additionally, there will be five new cocktails for sale at all stadium bar areas: two bourbon drinks (one with sweet tea, one with ginger beer), a coconut mojito, a vodka-grape-ginger ale concoction called the Power Swing Transfusion, and a strawberry paloma.

Getting There

Yankee Stadium nostalgia train
Yankee Stadium, with a Nostalgia Train (MTA)

Yankee Stadium is very accessible by mass transit: Either take Metro-North to the Yankees-E 153rd St station, or take the B, D, or 4 train to 161st St. And if you need help locating the Metro-North station after the game, just look for the big baseball bat towering over everything else—the station has a 120-foot exhaust stack made to look like a bat!

Yankee Stadium Metro-North station
The Metro-North station at Yankees-E 153 St (Jen Carlson)




Yankee Stadium is right next to both Metro-North's Yankees-E 153rd Street station and the subway (at 161st St)!

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