Fall weather be damned! It doesn’t matter if it’s funky or fab outside, Cold Spring, NY, is a hot spot for a super fun day trip. Going up or down the Hudson River to this idyllic village is a breeze with Metro-North Railroad’s Hudson Line.

Head north from Grand Central Terminal (a 70-minute ride) or south from Poughkeepsie (less than 30 minutes) via Metro-North’s Hudson Line for a panoramic view to this postcard perfect riverside village.



4 minute walk to Main Street

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Hudson Valley Happenings relishes the easy life so grab a coffee and a window seat and enjoy the best river view in the East.

If you’re headed down river like us, you get a great view of the Bannerman castle ruins on Pollepel Island, not far from Beacon, NY. (Take advantage of our MTA Away Deal: Bannerman Castle Cruise and Walking Tour.)

Metro-North train traveling on tracks alongside the Hudson River

Coming up from New York City, West Point Military Academy nestles in the bluffs on the west bank just before you arrive.

No better views of the Hudson than here!

Cold Spring is a refreshing little village right on the water’s edge, where Metro-North stops, just below Main Street. Eclectic shops, fantastic food, even a first-rate museum!

Exterior of Magazzino Italian Art, a gray modern building sitting surrounded green grass and trees
Photo by Hudson Valley Happenings

Once off the train, inhale deeply and breathe in the quaintness. Hop on their shuttle for a 10-minute ride to Magazzino Italian Art, a museum and research center that highlights postwar and contemporary Italian art in the U.S. Both shuttle and museum are free!! Woohoo!

Magazzino (“warehouse” in Italian, of course), a sprawling modernistic building by Spanish architect Miguel Quismondo, opened in 2017. Until January 10, 2022, see Costantino Nivola’s concrete sculptures and visit the ongoing exhibit by 12 Arte Provera artists (the “poor art” movement that swept through Italian cities in the 60s and 70s).

'Nivola: Sandscapes' exhibit inside Magazzino Italian Art
Photo by Hudson Valley Happenings

Be sure to explore the peaceful and stunning landscape and visit with their pet Sardinian donkeys.

After a little Cult-turah and donkey play, bellies are growling, and tootsies are in tears. So, grab the shuttle back to town for a snack and a break.

We like all things cheesy! First stop? Cold Spring Cheese Shop for everything cheese and charcuterie, with focus on deliciousness from the Hudson Valley. Grab a sandwich or a made-for-you cheese board, then head over to the riverside park and enjoy the view.

Gazebo overlooking the Hudson River on an overcast day
Photo by Hudson Valley Happenings

Once rested and ready, head back to Main Street and shop, shop, shop!

Chapeau, a jam-packed eclectic shop with all things you didn’t know you need, is a must-stop. It’s a party!, a boutique! hosted by the effervescent Archie. You don’t know what you may spot. Artworks, antiques, hats and buffalo horns!

We’ve been known to drop a few bucks at Cold Spring Apothecary, a Hudson Valley-based health and beauty emporium. From vibrant candles to earthy scents, facials to wellness products, shampoos to body oils, you are wowed by luxury and indulgence.

Shelves and tables of wares for sale at Cold Spring General
Photo by Hudson Valley Happenings

Cold Spring General has a little “sumptum” for all and a lot for browsing! Yay! The general store is coming back! A small town shop that stocks bits of everything, a concept we love. Home: bags, pots and fun trinkets. Pantry: tasty jams, rich oils, zesty sauces. Books: for cooks, gardeners, decorators.  

After all that, we’re famished…again! So bound over to The Cold Spring Depot for a bite.

Housed in the old train station at the base of Main Street, this trendy joint has enormous outdoor gardens, a clam bar, and not one, but two fireplaces for cozy, cozy.

Wings, burgers, Schnitzels, and beer. Oh yes! The biggest pretzels ever. And craft beers in cans that are artistically as colorful as the brews are flavorful! What better way to wrap a day!

If you’re ready to wrap your day, you’re right there, next to Metro-North, ready to head home.

Metro-North locomotive and train traveling north along the Hudson with fall foliage in background

Too knackered to head home? Grab a taxi for a short ride south to The Garrison, a serene seven-room inn with a sumptuous restaurant - The Valley, and even a golf course. Better yet, plan an overnight stay and book a room before your visit!