Pop quiz: Where in New York City can you get a 30-minute haircut, buy the latest volume of One Piece, score the new album from your favorite K-pop band, pick up some of Drew Barrymore’s favorite brownies, have a cup of artisanal Australian coffee, and eat a deep-fried Korean hot dog, all in one place? Underneath the 59th St-Columbus Circle subway station, of course. That's where you’ll find Turnstyle, an underground market with over two dozen shops selling everything from soap to empanadas to comic books to tiny donuts. And you don't even need to swipe or tap to check it out.

Turnstyle entrance
Turnstyle Market's entrance (Jon Tayler)

Opened in April 2016, Turnstyle occupies a 325-foot passageway connecting 57th Street and 8th Avenue to the turnstiles and platforms. This kind of subterranean shopping arcade is commonplace in Europe and Asia, but it's not common in New York. So is the collection of shops: Aside from some smaller outposts of bigger national chains, most of these vendors can only be found by heading down the stairs or escalators into the market.

So what is there to buy and eat in Turnstyle? Here's our quick guide to the market and all it has to offer.


Brigadeiro Brasileiro
A selection of Brigadeiro Brasileiro's brigadeiros (Jon Tayler)
  • Brigadeiro Brasileiros - A small stand offering brigadeiros, a traditional Brazilian dessert that's essentially a ball of chocolate fudge made of condensed milk, cocoa powder and butter and covered in sprinkles; flavors include coconut, strawberry, peanut butter, and caramel.

  • Criollas Baked Empanadas - The second New York location for this Argentinian empanadas joint serves seven different fillings ranging from beef and olives to caprese, plus alfajores (a dulce de leche cookie covered in chocolate) and coffee.

  • CrunCheese Korean Hot Dogs - Boasting 16 locations nationwide (including a spot in Tangram in Flushing), CrunCheese's Korean hot dogs are essentially a mashup of corn dogs and mozzarella sticks. You can add potato cubes or, if you're feeling truly adventurous, squid ink to your dog, then get dipping sauces. There's no doctor in the world who'll recommend this deep-fried delicacy, but don't let that stop you from trying one.

turnstyle hot dogs
Korean hot dog from CrunCheese (Jon Tayler)
IMG 5449
CrunCheese Korean Hot Dogs (Jon Tayler)
Doughnuttery donut machine
The mini donuts getting made at Doughnuttery (Jon Tayler)
  • Doughnuttery - The mini-donuts, each about two inches in diameter, are the star at this popular chain that has four other locations in the city, but half the fun is watching the staff make the donuts using a machine that flips the dough rings from one hot oil bath into another. Get yourself a half-dozen in flavors ranging from cinnamon sugar to salted caramel and then stick around to watch another batch get made.

  • Down Under Coffee - An Australian coffee shop that gets its beans from a Brooklyn-based Australian supplier, Abbotsford Road, Down Under Coffee also offers vegan- and gluten-free pastries, plus vegan sandwiches.

  • JianBing - This pan-Asian eatery is named after the traditional Chinese crepe that's a Beijing street food favorite; beyond its namesake, it also offers bao, ramen, rice bowls, frozen hot chocolate, and milkshakes.

  • Lions Gate Grill - Grilled meats and hotpot are the specialties at this Chinese eatery.

Lisa-s Dumplings prep
Dumplings being made by hand at Lisa's Dumplings (Jon Tayler)
  • Lisa's Dumplings - As with Doughnuttery, half the appeal of Lisa's Dumplings, owned and operated by a Chinese native, is getting to watch your food get made in front of you. Fillings include pork, beef, chicken, and vegetables.

  • Panda Bubble Tea - This boba tea stand also offers crepes, paninis, waffles and grilled cheese sandwiches to go along with an extensive drinks menu.

  • Pop's Pizzas - A classic New York-style joint offering the basics and Sicilian-style grandma slices.

  • Pressed Juicery - Stop by this popular national chain for cold-pressed juices, wellness shots, coffee, and smoothie bowls.

Salted Baked Goods cookies
The chocolate chunk crepe crunch cookies at Salted Baked Goods (Jon Tayler)
  • Salted Baked Goods - Handmade brownies and cookies are the draw at this small stand, featuring standout flavors like chipotle cinnamon and banana Nutella crepe. Plus, they've got the Drew Barrymore seal of approval.

  • Wetzel's Pretzels - This pretzel chain is a familiar sight in malls and airports across the country and a welcome stop if you're looking for something well-known.

Woops Macarons
A selection of the macarons at Woops (Jon Tayler)
  • Woops! Macarons and Cookies - This boutique macaron bakery has spots in 13 states and four in New York, including a small stand at Turnstyle. Flavors range from the traditional (pistachio, vanilla) to clever combinations like honey lavender, peanut butter and jelly, and strawberry lemonade.

  • Yong Kang Street - Take your pick from sushi, poke and rice bowls at this Japanese restaurant.


Accesserelle (Jon Tayler)
ByTeno necklace dummy
A necklace on display at ByTeno (Jon Tayler)
  • Accesserelle - Bundle up at Accesserelle, which sells hats, gloves and scarves, or browse their collection of hair accessories and leather wallets and coin purses.

  • ByTeno Handmade Jewelry - Minority-owned and operated and hailing from Harlem, ByTeno specializes in earrings, rings and necklaces, as well as their Bobba Beads bracelets made from natural stones and semi-precious gems.

  • Design Jojo LaFleur - A florist with bouquets for all occasions, including weddings, birthdays, funerals and more, as well as a good place to pick up a dozen roses for a special someone on the way home from work.

Design Jojo LaFleur
Design Jojo LaFleur (Jon Tayler)
Gabriella Ceballos jewelry
An assortment of jewelry at Gabriella Ceballos (Jon Tayler)
  • Gabriella Ceballos - Sustainable, hypoallergenic jewelry is the mission of this small pop-up stand (there's also a brick and mortar in SoHo). Their pieces are made from recyclable materials and designed to stay shiny.

  • L’Occitane en Provence - It's all things beauty and skin at the underground outpost for this international store, including lotions, moisturizers, cleansers, creams, soaps and bath products.

  • LanaBlu - This small boutique is focused on your head, selling wool berets and beanies, silk headbands, and jewelry.

  • Lush - This British cosmetics chain is best known for their bath bombs along with their soaps, face masks, fragrances and hair care.

  • Kuru Accessories - A small pop-up stand with clothing and fashion from all over Europe, as acquired by buyer Agnes Kanga.

Lush (Courtesy of Turnstyle Market)
Kuru Accessories mannequin
A mannequin outside of Kuru Accessories (Jon Tayler)
Mandu Kpop store
Mandu Kpop (Jon Tayler)
Mandu Kpop food display
Snacks on display at Mandu Kpop (Jon Tayler)
Manga Spot
Manga Spot (Jon Tayler)
Manga Spot book display 2
Books on display at Manga Spot (Jon Tayler)
  • Manga Spot - Whether you're deep into Japanese comic books and graphic novels or don't know Chainsaw Man from One Punch-Man, the friendly staff at this store is happy to guide you or make recommendations from their extensive stock of books. They've also got figurines galore.

  • Mandu Kpop - BTS, BLACKPINK, MONSTA X, GOT7... all of Korea's best and most popular boy and girl bands can be found at Mandu, which sells albums, photo books, lightsticks, DVDs and magazines focused on the Korean pop scene, plus snacks from across Asia.

Turnstyle passageway
Turnstyle Market (Jon Tayler)
QB House barbershop
QB House barbershop (Jon Tayler)
  • QB House Barbershop - Founded in Japan and with storefronts all over East Asia, QB House promises a haircut in 30 minutes with no add-ons or frills. Their Turnstyle location only takes walk-ins, but you can quickly see how long the wait for a stylist will be with their clever traffic light-style signal system; a red light means 15 minutes or more before a seat will be available, yellow means five to 10 minutes, and green means there's no line at all.

  • The Launch - It's mostly pet accessories at this storefront, including toys, collars, coats and beds, but there are also beauty products and stuffed animals.

Tommy-s Figz storefront
Tommy's Figz (Jon Tayler)
Tommy-s Figz comics display
Comics for sale at Tommy's Figz (Jon Tayler)
Tommy-s Figz mannequin
VHS tapes for those who never got rid of their VCR at Tommy's Figz (Jon Tayler)
  • Tommy's Figz - You'll feel like you've stepped back into your childhood bedroom when you walk into Tommy's Figz, which holds an explosion of 1980s and 90s memorabilia and collectibles. From comic books to trading cards to action figures to VHS tapes to vintage t-shirts, there's something for the Gen Xer in all of us — and if you're looking to unload some toys or trinkets, the store is always looking to expand its collection.



Turnstyle Market is located in the 59th St-Columbus Circle station, which you can reach via these five lines

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This guide was most recently updated on April 30th, 2024. Some kiosks and stands may not be open every day; for a regularly updated list of businesses operating in Turnstyle, check out their official website.