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The Most Relaxing Way to Get to MacArthur Airport (ISP)

Save over 10%

379 days left (05/31/23)

Take the LIRR to Ronkonkoma Station and hop in your reserved taxi for the 5-minute drive to Long Island MacArthur Airport. Our convenient package is the no-stress way to go!

The MTA Deal

Save on a one-way train ticket to/from Ronkonkoma Station and a Village Taxi Shuttle to/from the Ronkonkoma Station/Airport.

Important Information

Tickets may be purchased at Gray, Green or Blue Ticket Machines at LIRR stations. Select "MTA Away Deals," then "Long Island Deals," then the tour or package. Multiple tickets/vouchers will print. Be sure to take all items dispensed.

Pricing Information

Adults: $13.25 - $24.25 (depending on Zone)
Seniors: $11.50 - $19.75 (depending on Zone)

Get Going

Pack your bags and leave the “getting there” to us!



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