Abigail DeVille: Bronx Heavens

  • Jan 1 - Jan 31
  • The Bronx Museum
Photo credit: bronxmuseum.org

Abigail DeVille: Bronx Heavens is a constellation of sculptures and installations by the artist who utilizes found materials and objects as a way to unearth forgotten ancestral histories, both real and imagined.  

Born in 1981, native New Yorker Abigail DeVille has a deep personal relationship with the city, and a long-established interest in the marginalized histories of marginalized communities of color within it. In Bronx Heavens, the artist takes special consideration in how the Bronx has served as a sanctuary for immigrant and migrant communities for the last 120 years (including four generations of her own ancestors), prompting complex questions and ideas about freedom, racism, and oppression. 

DeVille’s work is designed to tell the stories of lived experiences that many could not, offering a humanizing portrayal about the impulses that drive communities to seek a different world in the pursuit of happiness, and how those impulses are often fraught with illusion. 

Curated by Eileen Jeng Lynch, Director of Curatorial Programs.

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1040 Grand Concourse, The Bronx, NY 10456



4 minute walk from 167 Street

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